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The compostable plastic ecovio® from BASF has found its first production application in a system solution for packaging. The Swiss Coffee Company’s coffee capsules beanarella consist of the new injection molding grade ecovio IS1335; at the same time the multi-layer composite system for the aroma-tight outer barrier packaging for the capsules is also ecovio-based. The capsules fulfill the demanding requirements for protecting the product and brewing coffee in high-pressure coffee machines, yet may still be composted; as does the barrier packaging. The system solution is predominantly based on renewable resources. The product which was jointly developed in only some 13 months, can contribute to sustainability while simultaneously addressing the latest trend in coffee drinking. In mid-May, the Swiss Coffee Company received the IDEE SUISSE "Golden Idea Award 2013" innovation prize for this product concept in Zürich for an "innovative contribution to the sustainable strengthening of the Swiss economy".