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At Drinktec 2013, Sacmi will present the first ‘automated magazine’ for preforms and caps, thus completing its turnkey plant engineering range which covers everything from raw material intake to end-of-line solutions. This integrates cap production (CCM 48SC) and preform production (IPS 220B) with the bottling line (Combo EWE 10/15/15 + FORMSLEEVE+) via an automated dynamic buffer (CPB LINK), all within the scope of a wider energy-saving programme (HERO). For the first time, visitors will get a look at the entire production line in action. With Sacmi CPB LINK, storage and subsequent feed of caps and preforms to the bottling section become part of a single process, fully automated and smoothly integrated, allowing logistical costs to be cut considerably while simultaneously raising bottling hygiene standards thanks to the heat and microbiological treatment executed by the buffer.

keyboard_arrow_upNew patent takes water treatment further
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Radical Waters International, also exhibiting at drinktec 2013, recently added a new patent to its portfolio. The new activated granular carbon patent is a progressive step for the company, which was the first ECA (electrochemically activated water) company to introduce a non-traditional chemical-free CIP into the beverage market in 2007.