keyboard_arrow_upTackling malnutrition with fortification
keyboard_arrow_downTackling malnutrition with fortification

Across the world, people are becoming more conscious of their own health than ever before. Governments and regulatory bodies are putting more and more pressure on manufacturers to deliver food and beverages that support a healthy lifestyle and there are ongoing campaigns to educate consumers about the importance of diet. In particular, the media offers […]

keyboard_arrow_upManaging malnutrition with staple food fortification
keyboard_arrow_downManaging malnutrition with staple food fortification

Approximately one third of the world’s population is malnourished, caused in many cases by an individual unable to access or afford a healthy, balanced diet. The rise in calorie-rich but nutrient-poor diets has led to a phenomenon called hidden hunger. This is where a person consumes enough, or even an excess of, calories but significantly […]