keyboard_arrow_upMultivac supports the Think, Eat, Save campaign
keyboard_arrow_downMultivac supports the Think, Eat, Save campaign

As a founder member and partner of the international Save Food Initiative, Multivac supports the global campaign Think, Eat, Save, Reduce Your Foodprint, initiated by the UN Environment Organisation (UNEP), the World Food Organisation FAO and their partners. The aim of the campaign is to stem worldwide food losses throughout the supply chain and food wastage in the industrialised nations.

keyboard_arrow_upGreening the taste of Jo’burg
keyboard_arrow_downGreening the taste of Jo’burg

The Pick n Pay Taste of Jo’burg, in association with Orbit Sugarfree Chewing Gum, is celebrating its sixth year and will once again be showcasing 14 of Jo’burg’s top restaurants who will come together with their trend-setting signature dishes; and with a number of environmentally sustainable initiatives the festival is getting the ‘green light’.