keyboard_arrow_up2018 could be the year of the Concorde grape
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Welch’s Global Ingredients Group has welcomed the news that ‘mindful choices’ is set to be 2018’s top food and beverage trend – and says it believes this could be the Year of the Concord Grape as a result. Research company, Innova Market Insights has picked mindful choices as its #1 trend for 2018, predicting that […]

keyboard_arrow_upWhere health and carton packs meet
keyboard_arrow_downWhere health and carton packs meet

Three out of-five people (61 per cent) are looking for beverages with proven medical health benefits, while three out of 10 want cold drinks that can assist in stress relief. Consumers rated all natural products the highest in the consumer survey. This ties in with Nielsen’s 2015 Global Health and Wellness Survey, which found that 43 per cent of global consumers want natural products. This trend is very pronounced in Middle East and Africa, at 53 per cent. Organic is another popular product category. Consumers are looking for products with reduced salt, fat, lactose, caffeine, gluten and sugar.

keyboard_arrow_upMajor acquisition announced
keyboard_arrow_downMajor acquisition announced

Rhodes Food Group (RFG) entered into an agreement to acquire the Western Cape-based fruit juice producer Pacmar, by 1 April. For RFG CEO Bruce Henderson, this acquisition represents an attractive investment opportunity aligned with the company’s expansion strategy of lateral extensions into product categories adjacent to their current product ranges.

keyboard_arrow_upNew partner for SIR JUICE
keyboard_arrow_downNew partner for SIR JUICE

SIR JUICE has teamed up with the world-renowned ClemenGold brand to add a new flavour to its vibrant portfolio of top-class fruit juice. The sweet, aromatic soft citrus fruit flavour is being launched in South Africa by their new beverage partner.