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Gebo Cermex, an innovative packaging line solutions provider has received the official mark “Vitrine Industrie du Futur" which was awarded by the Alliance Industrie Du Futur (AIF). This was in recognition of the company’s efforts to introduce, develop and implement Industry 4.0 initiatives at its plant in Saint Laurent sur Sèvre, France.

keyboard_arrow_upContinued innovation from Gebo Cermex
keyboard_arrow_downContinued innovation from Gebo Cermex

At this year’s Propak Cape, the Gebo Cermex launched various solutions for the packaging market. One of these included the EvoFlex range, which consists of de/palletisers and de/craters offering unparalleled flexibility, modularity, and all round performance.

keyboard_arrow_upThe next generation of packing technology
keyboard_arrow_downThe next generation of packing technology

Gebo Cermex recently launched its updated WB45 wrap-around case packer, which meets the key market demands of flexibility, hygiene and ergonomics. Its features include a new automation platform, belt drives for blank magazine and case transfer modules, servodrives. and quick-release systems for faster, simpler format changeovers.