keyboard_arrow_upThe potent punch of antioxidants
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While some manufacturers are interested in capitalising on the novelty factor of health and wellbeing – particularly the ever-elusive anti-ageing principle – others have concentrated on delivering honest health and wellness to consumers.

keyboard_arrow_upDrink to your health
keyboard_arrow_downDrink to your health

Ingredients supplier Naturex has developed a range of drinkable dietary supplement concepts that offer great taste, naturalness and efficacy, as well as the potential for strong branding and communication.

keyboard_arrow_upFunctionality in beverages is meeting consumer demands
keyboard_arrow_downFunctionality in beverages is meeting consumer demands

The growth in global demand for functional beverages is fuelled by several consumer trends that have been identified by IFT’s Food Technology magazine, starting with the number one trend labelled ‘real food nutrition’, which is seeing consumers choosing to get more of their nutrients from the food and beverages they consume, rather than from supplements.