International collaboration on detection of milk adulteration

milkcows-istock000003721058 resizedAccording to IDF expert, Dr Steve Holroyd, during the recent annual IDF/ISO Analytical Week held in Israel, the aim is to create infrared based methods that can detect fraudulent adulteration across the milk supply chain.

The new approach enables dairy companies to screen milk for a range of known adulterants, but is also capable of indicating whether unknown adulterants might be present. The system would allow detection at the earliest stages of the supply chain.

‘In contrast to existing technology, infrared methods will allow rapid screening of milk thus allowing a prompt response to safeguard consumer health. This initiative is a real step forward in the prevention of milk adulteration,’ comments Dr Jaap Evers, chair of the IDF Method Standards Steering Group.

IDF is committed to providing science-based information for the benefit of the dairy sector as well as to international organisations, governments and legislators. Annually, IDF and ISO host the IDF/ISO Analytical Week, during which members’ network and progress the standardisation of international IDF/ISO standards.