Supply Chain Management the focus of 2014’s SASDT Symposium


TN Chain_ManagementThe 47th Annual Symposium of The South African Society of Dairy Technology (SASDT) will take place during April 2014 with the topic ‘Integrated Supply Chain Management’ as theme.

The society’s national president, Stephan Steyn explains dairy products are complex in nature and have influence from various inputs in the value chain. The symposium hopes to address this topic with emphasis on crop production and feed manufacturing, milk production, milk processing of value added products, storage and distribution, and retail and consumer factors.

Steyn says understanding how these groupings influence a manufacturer’s end product, is vital in the process of creating the best product for a specific target market. ‘Each batch of ready to eat product has its own unique food chain. No dairy product has the same value chain and the ingredients and process for manufacturing yoghurt and Parmesan is vastly different,’ according to Steyn.

‘We further hope that the symposium will give stakeholders the opportunity to interact with role players from all aspects in their value chain addition and give them the opportunity to grow their technical knowledge in a safe environment to the advantage of the consumer.’

The symposium will be two days long, instead of the three day period of previous symposiums and will see 21 speakers gracing the stage.