A new facility for ULMA

The Guipuzcoan cooperative, which belongs to the ULMA group, has moved the manufacturing activity of its traysealing machines to a recently opened plant in the Goribar neighbourhood in Oñati (Gipuzkoa). The facility comprises a 5000m2 spread over two floors. It can be expanded in future to incorporate an adjoining 4000 m2.

The facility comprises a 5000m2 spread over two floors

The new facility

The new plant offers a production capacity of approximately 400 machines per year with the option of future expansion.

‘Expansion can take place because of an annex building situated close to the plant that has already been acquired. When expansion takes place this will double the current capacity,’ explains Eddie Rademan, MD at ULMA Packaging in South Africa.

He says the group has a plant in Garibai, just a few metres from the new facility.

‘ULMA’s strategy for Traysealing machinery for the last few years has been focused on product development, speed improvement, reliability and efficiency. The new product range has been received very well in the market, which meant strong growth in terms of sales and the need for higher production capacity.’

Lean production principles have been implemented on these production lines. This was based on a management model focused on the creation of a production flow that offers maximum value to customers using the minimum resources necessary. All of this has been achieved by applying the most innovative technologies in terms of sustainability, energy consumption that results in an energy efficient plant.

The construction and transfer of this plant was completed in a record time of less than a year.

According to Rademan, the new facility has provided a solution to the growth in traysealing sales. ‘It also provides space for the growth of the flowpacking and thermoforming lines at the Garibai plant and represents a competitive improvement for ULMA Packaging’s entire business.’