Upgrated is the new revolutionary food ingredient

The use of long-shelf-life-cheese as a food ingredient is a growing trend in the food industry. YoonSang Lee, president of the US Dairy Export Council, says, ‘Food companies realising this trend are launching various ready-to-eat meals, incorporating cheese and one-serving cheese packages’. As a reaction to this trend, Cheesepop B.V. developed a new food ingredient, called UP-grated® cheese, extremely dried grated (100%) cheese.

UP-grated® cheese is specifically developed for manufacturers who seek to add real cheese to their long-shelf-life food products, like dried instant soups and bread mixes. Due to a revolutionary production technique, grated cheese becomes extremely dry, holding a moisture level of less than 5%. Consequently, UP-grated® cheese has a very long shelf life of 24 months. Another very special product characteristic is that even though the product is usually very crispy, UP-grated returns to its original cheese structure again when being exposed to hot water in combination with instant soups.

At the SIAL 2016 UP-grated® cheese was internationally presented for the first time. The reactions were very positive and many ideas for new applications came by. Since then, UP-grated® cheese has been incorporated in various new retail products. Simultaneously buyers are testing UP-grated® cheese for in their long-shelf-life food products. The potential of UP-grated® cheese is endless and these opportunities will be showcased this year in Cheesepop’s professional kitchen at the ANUGA 2017.

The ANUGA Cologne 2017 is a perfect environment to show the possibilities of UP-grated Cheese.

For more details on this press release please contact Annelice Keizer or visit www.up-grated.com.