Vote for your favourite young chef

From 12 to 13 May in Milan, twenty one talented Young Chefs from all corners of the world will showcase their culinary skills and creativity to compete for the prestigious S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 award. And while waiting for the Grand Finale, foodies all over the world will have the possibility to interact for the first time ever with the most exciting talent search for chefs in the world.


Through Fine Dining Lovers, considered among the most credible digital magazines of the food industry, reaching more than 17mio visits in 2017, all the food lovers will get the chance to have their say and assign the ‘Fine Dining Lovers People’s Choice Award’: an award separate from the result of the Grand Jury’s vote, that will reward the favourite chef of the digital foodie community.

With this award, Fine Dining Lovers continues its mission of being the voice of the global gastronomy community, being a source of inspiration and showcasing trends and innovations, but above all creativity and passion.

From 16 April, it will be possible to go to and show support for the South African finalist. Each vote can be shared on social media, making it possible for those in the circle of contacts to learn about the initiative.

Moreover, this year for the first time food lovers will have the opportunity to live, breathe and share all the highlights of this international competition. The cooking sessions and the Award Ceremony will be live-streamed across the globe on both and and on the Facebook pages @FineDiningLoversand @SanPellegrino