Avery Dennison’s solution to wet wine labels

Avery Dennison introduces Aqua Opaque technology to maintain whiteness on wet uncoated wine labelsA unique new technology from Avery Dennison has solved a longstanding problem for wine producers who want to use uncoated bottle labels. Launched at Labelexpo 2015, the new Aqua Opaque solution resists greying and opens up new design possibilities.

Uncoated paper facestocks with matte finishes are a popular material for achieving a premium bottle look. These materials have always had one major disadvantage; they turn grey when exposed to water. Andrew Crawford, VP of marketing at Avery Dennison Materials Group Europe explains wine producers can now be offered an uncoated paper that stays white longer.

The substrate is suitable for neck labelling as well as the main bottle label. The solution doesn’t require an extra film layer or thicker paper, and uses an emulsion adhesive to retain the highest performance levels on conventional presses. The result is a label that is no stiffer than a standard label and can be applied easily to bottle necks.

‘Some uncoated papers provide a very valuable decoration option, but they can lose as much as 50 per cent of their opacity in the presence of moisture when used with a conventional adhesive,’ says Crawford. ‘That makes the bottle label look grey and with uneven colouring. Our new approach protects uncoated papers for up to two hours, maintaining their opaque white appearance.’

He adds that changing to the new technology is quick and simple. The material converts in the same way as a conventional emulsion adhesive, so there is no barrier to adoption. It replaces an existing labelling solution.