What’s Hot in Food Review April 2015?

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What’s Hot in Food Review April 2015?

Contract manufacturing

Partnerships with reliable contract manufacturers and/or packers can provide many advantages to companies who want to develop new products. Companies are constantly looking for a broader range of expertise, and services such as co-blending, co-packing and speed to market will differentiate it from competitors. In this feature we look at the current state of contract manufacturing and/or packing in South Africa, the main players, and how using innovation and differentiation gives companies the competitive edge. Compliance, certification, and auditing will also fall under the spotlight. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to showcase your equipment, and how the use of technology can allow diverse capabilities and flexibility of production processes.

Health and wellbeing

Process development and manufacturing including raw materials sourcing, supplier quality assurance and manufacturing according to HACCP and GMP standards will be under discussion. We also look at the use and standardisation of natural ingredients in developing new health product opportunities through the development of novel plant extracts. Organic certification continues to be a topic of debate in these circles and we bring you the latest on how to certify products as well as lay bare anti-oxidant claims while investigating the market for probiotics as key drivers of health.

Materials handling & logistics

Automation of factories and warehouses are being cited as top priorities by food manufacturers globally. Labour consistency, quality, cost-containment, process efficiency, quality control, and regulatory compliance are all hot topics right now. The storage of temperature-sensitive products at controlled conditions is becoming critical in warehousing. This feature will look at how implementing an integrated Material Resource Planning (MRP) system, with direct access to real-time data such as stock availability and product requirements, will enable manufacturers to plan production for on-time delivery to clients.

Snacks & confectionery 

Snack foods are one of the fastest growing product categories in the domestic market. Fat content and health aspects is seeing renewed consumer interest and a subsequent re-think of production processes in the development of products that are low in fat and calories. Processing seed snacks, nuts, dried fruit and nut mixtures, baked snacks, and organic snacks will be investigated and innovations such as in-line colour-change systems for snacks and minimising waste during processing and the impact of modular line configurations on production and output. The benefits of pressure systems can bring significant process and cost benefits to manufacturers , such as indirect condensers to minimise cooling water consumption and the recovery of energy from flash steam and vapour can assist in cost-competitiveness.


Dairy drinks

Some dairy sectors have indicated the use of full cream milk is on the rise, while others state the UHT sector is growing. The rising popularity of plant-based drinks such as soya and coconut milk is having a big impact and dairy drink manufacturers must continually search for new flavours and products in order to stay competitive. In this feature we will look at the current state of this sector in South Africa focusing on the latest trends including full fat milk and reduced sugar variants.


Glass and metal packaging

The global glass packaging industry is sometimes perceived as stagnant when compared to the flexible or rigid plastic packaging segments. This packaging medium still plays a major role in the food and beverage industry where it is trusted by both consumers and brand owners for its resistance to abrasion, impermeable properties and recyclable nature. Despite the lack of frequent developments in this segment, ReportLinker forecasts the global glass packaging market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.9 per cent from 2014 to 2019. In this feature, we delve into the latest macro and micro trends in the food industry’s use of these containers. Glass packaging decorators, manufacturers and distributors are invited to share news on their recently launched offerings. We will also provide an overview of local developments in metal packaging (including recycling), of food and beverage cans and promotional tin packaging.


Local regulations regarding the labelling and advertising of foodstuffs are currently in a state of flux and, when new legislation is finally promulgated, it may have an impact on how products are presented to consumers. The growing trend towards craft beers and other artisan food is also opening up avenues for label printers to offer highly creative labels in short runs. In this feature, we explore local labelling services for low to medium-volume manufacturers. A look at labelling solutions that cater to the industry’s growing need for shorter print runs and variable data printing will be presented.

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