What’s Hot in Food Review April 2017?

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What’s Hot in Food Review April 2017?

Herbs & spices

Globally, the industry is seeing an increased demand for botanical flavours. This is mainly due to continuous developments and product innovation that could position a product favourably among consumers. Research conducted by Infinium Global Research predicts that the global herb and spice extracts market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than eight per cent until 2021. Innovative product launches, the widening range of applications and growing preference for botanical flavours are key drivers. Inconsistencies in the price of herbs and spices, coupled to the high cost of production are primary challenges hampering the growth of this market. In this edition of Food Review we investigate the market for botanical extracts as well as cost-effective processing solutions.

Logistics & transportation

Food losses globally are documented between 25 to 50 per cent of production volumes, caloric content or market value depending on the commodity. Effective cold chains and storage systems during transportation is an effective investment to prevent perishable food losses. The use of cold chain technologies in the agricultural supply chain (meat, dairy, fish and horticultural) products began in the 1950s. There are many technical, logistical and investment challenges related to the transportation cold chain. We will investigate the myriad of cooling options available in the transportation industry including trailers, dock doors, and walking trailers etc. We look forward to highlighting your technology and equipment in this feature.

Meat matters

The focus of the meat-processing industry is the intelligent linking of individual stages and the use of modern information and control technology. An important driving force of innovation behind efficient processing lines is growing demand for portioned and fixed-weight packaging, and convenience products. The fully automatic portioning and insertion of fillets, steaks, sausage slices and other meat products in the packaging calls for high-tech solutions. Most systems consist of laser and/or x-ray scanners, with integrated scales, feeding units for the slicer and the slicer itself installed at the top of the processing line. Today, technology is developing in the direction of continuous inline checks and modern x-ray technology in accordance with the DEXA process. This is a highly efficient method of lipid determination suitable for raw, natural meat products, including refrigerated or frozen meat, loose or packed in boxes or cartons. We look forward to highlighting your product offering.

Pumps & valves

Many fluid handling problems arise because pumps are neither designed nor suitable for the applications or conditions for which they have been selected. The application must always determine the type of pump to be used. Once the nature of the medium has been established, it is necessary to consider other parameters including, delivery volume and pressure, temperature, flow characteristics, vapour pressure, solids content, corrosiveness, toxicity and hygiene. In the food and beverage industry, the choice of materials is particularly important, as compliance with EHEDG, FDA and 3A regulations is a basic requirement. Pumping media containing substantially large solids is a common problem that has to be faced at various stages of the food processing cycle. Either the solids need to be pumped without bruising, or transferred without damaging the pump itself. There is also the issue of high accuracy adding or dosing of ingredients into processes to be considered.

Beverage Review

Dairy drinks

Product development in this sector is currently focused on health, new taste options and convenience. This category also offers excellent opportunities for meal substitution and on-the-go consumption products for today’s busy consumer. Dairy drinks are ideal for adding-value in terms of nutrition and functional additives. Thanks to their naturally high calcium content, they are perceived by consumers as nutritious and good-for-me products. We would love to hear from you on some of your latest ingredients and how these products can assist in dairy drink formulation.

Packaging Review


Insight on new legislation developments will be discussed in the April edition of Packaging Review. Additionally, we unpack what it means to make the most of in-pack and on-pack promotional labels, recognition of in-mould labelling and how to create impactful packaging using labels. This feature will also touch on adhesives, which represents a small fraction of overall packaging costs, but are imperative in furthering the effectiveness of packaging. All labelling consultants, label and adhesive suppliers, and manufacturers are welcome to provide input.

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