What’s Hot in Food Review January 2017?

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What’s Hot in Food Review January 2017?

Cereals & grains

Systems offering high-efficiency production lines for a wide variety of breakfast cereals are under scrutiny in this edition. The way people eat is changing drastically. The sector is experiencing a period of transformation from traditional to innovative products that meet consumer demand for naturalness, flavour, colour and nutrition. In this mix, maximum efficiency and durability can set your processing technology apart from competitors. If you supply equipment for traditional, extruded and co-extruded cereals, granola products and cereal bars, we would like to hear from you.

Metal detection

Metal detectors are used in the food industry to guarantee the safety and robustness of food products. These products are most widely used to detect trace elements of metal that may have got into food during the production process. Technical progression now means that technology can offer greater sensitivity, stability and flexibility. It has also opened the range of output signals and information to assist food producers in their quest for consumer safe products.

Smart ingredients

New to the editorial calendar for 2017 is our feature on smart ingredients and foods. We examine new and innovative developments in food materials and look at its formulation function, other than just the provision of energy and nutrients. The spotlight falls on how these ingredients can perform particular functions not achieved by conventional foods; how it performs in specialised applications and in general use. Ingredients investigated include those targeted at assisting in the maintenance of diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart health.

Beverage Review

Fruit juice, cordials & concentrates

Tetrapak’s 100% Juice Index reports the market for 100 per cent juice should return to growth in 2017. In order to meet demand, fruit juice processors must respond innovatively in three key areas: vegetable nutrition; not from concentrate juice, and speciality 100 per cent juice. Beverage Review investigates the market for high pressure pasteurisation versus conventional pasteurisation and the benefits of each system. Don’t miss out on highlighting your latest technology, research and developments in this fast-growing sector.

Packaging Review

Inks & coatings

Packaging Review’s inks and coatings feature explores speciality packaging inks available to the South African market. A variety of newly launched, sophisticated pigments allow brand owners to trace their products securely through the supply chain and add value to their offerings. Our feature will delve into developments in lamination and surface print inks used on food and beverage packaging. Developments in various barrier-coating technologies are also a topic for discussion. All suppliers to the local packaging printing market are invited to contribute content on their products.

Rigid plastic packaging

The Future of Global Rigid Plastic Packaging market report by expertise and market intelligence organisation, Smithers Pira, forecasts the global rigid plastic packaging market will reach US$226.4 billion by 2020. The report states that there will be a growth rate of 4.4 per cent annually for the next three years. In spite of pressure from the fast-evolving field of flexible packs, rigid plastic containers are making headway in local and African food and beverage markets. We provide insight on PET, commonly used to produce plastic bottles and jars for food and beverages. Suppliers of resins and polymers as well as injection moulded and thermoforming machine suppliers are welcome to discuss their new products for the South African food and beverage market.

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