What’s Hot in Food Review June 2017?

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What’s Hot in Food Review June 2017?

Convenience food processing
The convenience of ready meals is extremely attractive to our busy lifestyles. While many of these items are relatively expensive, they appeal to upper LSM groups due to their freshness, high quality and convenience. Shelf stable ready meals are more affordable in relation to other categories, even though they offer less variety. Manufacturers must ensure that innovation meets the growing demand of cultural cuisines. Middle-to-higher-income consumers are focused on health and wellness, seeking products that meet this demand. Less expensive products such as shelf stable ready-and frozen ready meals continue to appeal to middle-income consumers whose focus is firmly set on affordability. This edition of Food Review tracks the latest technologies that enable the production of high quality, yet cost-effective convenience food.
Risk management
Having a risk management policy in place often helps soften the blow of potential business disruptions. In the food industry, risk management is particularly important. Missteps can result in more than just productivity problems. When food businesses slack on their policies, consumer health is put in jeopardy. Food Review investigates common mismanagement practices that can cause major illness, outbreaks, internal failures and investigates which companies can assist in offsetting these problems.
Robotics and automation
There is broad recognition within the business and processing industry on the value of robotics. Efficiency, reliability, low spoilage and higher overall productivity are the real benefits of advanced automation and manufacturing. Vision-enhanced robotic systems are one of the top reasons for upgrading and deploying vision-enabled robots. Cutting the costs of expensive conveyor and movement systems, and replacing them with lower-cost mobile and bin-picking robots is also rapidly gaining a big following. This is mainly due to the possible opportunities afforded to the manufacturer or warehouse operator. We follow the latest trends and equipment in our exclusive feature.
Beverage Review
While there is no substitute for good grapes and diligent wine making practices, there are times when vintners may need some help during the winemaking process. Assisting with the fermentation process with the addition of yeast nutrients or enhancers, or just adjusting acid levels is some of the more common interventions. Winemakers are increasingly turning to science, high tech machines and chemical additives to make their product into something more drinkable. Beverage Review brings you the ingredients, equipment and behind-the-scenes manipulation that often go into crafting that perfect pour.
Packaging Review

Dry goods, filling & bags
Product developers are often faced with the challenge of selecting the most suitable packaging, filling equipment and bags for their dry products. To remain competitive, leading players must maintain their focus on improving machinery, developing new filling equipment and advancing technologies while keeping costs as low as possible. Our feature explores the different filling equipment available; machine upgrades carried out, and the latest bag trends for dry goods. Manufacturers and equipment suppliers are invited to participate by sharing news and products with our readers.
Plastic packaging materials
Plastic packaging plays a key role in delivering a safe food and beverage supply to consumers. All food contact materials must undergo stringent approval processes so they are deemed safe for use in various applications of the food and beverage packaging segment. In this edition, we take a closer look at recent innovations using high density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polystyrene. Packaging Review investigates which materials are popular and economically viable. All manufacturers are welcome to share their news, views and commentary.

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