Woolworths launches new waffle rusk

Waffle-ruskWaffles are a well-known treat all around the world. Woolworths has taken the concept of the waffle and rusk and amalgamated the two. Drumroll to the Woolworths Ayrshire Buttermilk Waffle Rusk! It is handmade in the heart of Wellington; with free range eggs and Ayrshire buttermilk.

The product is madelike an actual waffle. Batter is prepared and cooked in a waffle making machine

The waffle is then coated with syrup and dried into a rusk. The waffle rusk is then broken into manageable eating size portions and bagged.

Thewaffle rusk can be used to make ice-cream: simply bash the rusks till bite-sized pieces are formed and mix into two litre softened vanilla ice-cream. Add a hand full of chopped or grated chocolate mix through. Refreeze and enjoy!