Fruit and veggie shots pack a punch

Woolworths-fruit-and-vegetable-shotsWoolworths has entered its new range of fruit and vegetable shots in the 2017 Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition.

These 100 per cent fruit and vegetable juice shots are made from locally grown fruits and vegetables. A special high-pressure process (cold pressed) is used to seal in the flavour without heat or the addition of preservatives.

The product is convenient, as the customer does not have to go to a juice bar or juice the fruit and veggies themselves. This is a wonderful way for customers to increase their daily fruit and vegetable intake. These fruit and vegetable juice shots include ingredients like turmeric, cayenne pepper, ginger and charcoal.

Products are packed in a square 100ml 50 per cent R-PET bottle which impacts nature to a lesser extent than a virgin PET bottle.

The range is available in four innovative flavours.