Panasonic acquires Zetes

ZetesPanasonic has acquired 57.01 per cent of outstanding shares in Zetes. The shares were acquired by Panasonic pursuant to the agreements that the company entered on 22 December 2016 with additional shareholders. Panasonic also acquired an additional 5.26 per cent of outstanding shares of Zetes through several off-market transactions.  

The combination of Panasonic’s and Zetes’ businesses offers significant opportunities to exploit the future growth both in supply chain solutions and security solutions. Panasonic is uniquely positioned to support Zetes to execute its future growth plans globally through:

  • New business opportunities

    Marketing Zetes’ services and solutions to Panasonic’s corporate-wide clients, which includes global top-tier companies across various regions and industries
  • Global expansion

    Offering Zetes potential opportunities to expand geographically, by opening paths to enter the US and wider Asia Pacific region
  • R&D enhancement

    Developing customer oriented and innovative solutions, by utilising Zetes’ customer touch points and Panasonic’s research and development capabilities
  • Resource enrichment

    Making Panasonic’s considerable corporate resources available to Zetes. 

Through their cooperation, Panasonic and Zetes will be able to expand the breadth of solutions and services offered to customers by the combination of Zetes’ identification and mobility solutions with Panasonic’s advanced research and development capabilities, global reach and technological expertise to better meet growing global customer needs.

While Zetes has now become a subsidiary of the Panasonic group, Panasonic has the intention to keep Zetes and its subsidiaries as a separate business division. Panasonic believes that maintaining the strong employee culture within Zetes will be essential to ensuring the future success of Zetes.