Anuga Organic Market will reflect current retails trends

Consumers’ growing awareness for health and the environment is boosting the market for organic products worldwide. In addition, the trend towards ‘cleaner’ eating habits is influencing an even broader strata of consumers. Organic products are marketed as healthy, since they rarely contain artificial colourings, preservatives, aromas and flavourings and are grown without the implementation of pesticides. Furthermore, the demand for more transparency is leading to strong growth in the section of organic products and non-GMO products.


Food with organic seals

Research by Innova Market Insights shows an overall annual growth of 11 per cent for the introduction of food with organic seals worldwide (2014-2108). The percentage of new products that fall under the organic segment grew from 8.8 per cent of the new introductions in 2014 up to 10.5 per cent in 2018. In Europe with an average annual growth of 15.5 per cent the share of organic seals among the newly introduced European foodstuffs is even more significant (annual overall growth 2014-2018). In 2018, 58 per cent of all new introductions with an organic seal occurred in Europe, 22 per cent were introduced in North America. The fastest growing category is ‘Snacks’ with an average annual growth of 18.6 per cent (annual overall growth 2014-2018).

Anuga Organic

In the scope of Anuga in Cologne, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, around 250 exhibitors will be presenting a wide and diversified spectrum of offers at ‘Anuga Organic’ in Hall 5.1. from 5 to 9 October 2019. Exclusively products are represented under the roof of Anuga, which carry an approved organic certification that is a standard on the market.

With just under 95 per cent already booked, the exhibition space is virtually sold-out. Important industry players are already on the registration list for Anuga. The applications received from German companies so far include among others Coconut Business, Followfood, Tofutown, Topas, TressBrüder, Veganz as well as Wechsler Feinfisch. Among the Anuga registrations from abroad are Agave (MX), BioOrto (IT), Dulcesol (ES), Lauretana (IT), Lovechock (NL), Natur’inov (FR) and Tradin Organic (NL). First-time Anuga exhibitors include Green Grizzly (DE), Katjesgreenfood (DE), koakult (DE), Littlelunch (DE), LunchVegaz (DE), Mieles Campos Azules (MX) und Sempio Foods (ES). The associations Naturland from Germany and Consorzio il Biologico from Italy are also going to be represented at the world’s largest trade fair for food and beverages.

The exhibitors registered in the Anuga exhibitor database also demonstrate how strongly the significance of organic products has grown over the past years. Whereas 2/4 in 2013 there were indeed 1 796 companies, who presented organic products, in

2015 already 2,030 exhibitors were represented with this offer of products and in

2017 the number increased further up to 2 580 companies. In total, over 63,000 visitors took the opportunity to inform themselves about the worldwide organic market at the last event.

Pure diversity: Anuga Organic Market and Anuga Organic Forum

The exhibitor offer is enhanced by the ‘Anuga Organic Market’ special event. It will skilfully present the organic products to the retail trade and will graphically demonstrate the possibilities of a diversified organic line-up. An organic offer that suits the customers and location, regional products, fair trade and vegan food continue to be the trends and drivers of the industry. The focus additionally lies on fresh meat, milk and dairy products, Matcha products, organic delicatessen and organically grown wines.

For the first time already in 2003, Koelnmesse organised a supermarket presenting organic food in Hall 5.1. together with the bioPress publishing house. At the last Anuga too, over 1,500 organic products for the retail food sector were found again in the Anuga Organic Market special event.

Parallel to the ‘Anuga Oranic Market’ special event, there are going to be high- calibre speakers taking part in daily lectures, discussions and informative events on current and forward-looking themes of the organic industry. The focus here lies on practical information and training. The aim is to promote and enhance the knowledge on and about organic products and their marketing. In 2019, the cross-event lectures will take place on all five days of the trade fair.

100 years of Anuga

In 2019, Anuga is celebrating its 100th anniversary – a remarkable sign of its long- term support of the industry. The first Anuga took place in Stuttgart in 1919 with the participation of around 200 German firms. Based on the concept of an annual touring exhibition, further events of the General Food and Luxury Exhibition were staged, among others in Munich in 1920, in Berlin in 1922 and in Cologne in 1924. With around 360 exhibitors and 40 000 visitors, the first Anuga in Cologne was the best event since its inception, which is why the organisers opted for Cologne as the permanent location. In 1951, for the first time over 1 200 exhibitors from 34 countries took part, whereby Anuga ultimately established itself as the central international business platform for the food industry in Cologne scheduled every two years. Over the course of time, due to the staging of leading trade fairs such as ISM and Anuga FoodTec, the trade fair advanced from being a food and processing platform into becoming a trade fair purely for food and beverages. In 2003, the Anuga ‘10 trade shows under one roof’ concept was implemented. Today, with 7 405 Page exhibitors and around 165,000 trade visitors from the trade and out-of-home 3/4 market, Anuga has developed into the leading global trade fair for food and beverages.

The trade fair is open daily from Saturday, 5.10.2019 to Wednesday, 09.10.2019 from 10:00 to 18:00.