ISW’s new beginning

Printer and converter of shrink sleeves and flexible packaging, Innovation Shrink and Wrap (ISW) can now provide clients with the latest and more efficient services as well as cost-effective offerings. PACKAGING REVIEW looks at how this has been made possible.

ISW is able to offer shorter runs and is geared for longer print orders

Shrink sleeves available from ISW

The company’s upgraded equipment and efficiencies allow it to service many clients. It is able to offer shorter runs and geared for longer print orders.

‘The fact that we service smaller minimum order quantities and provide excellent decorative finishes shows we are pushing boundaries and striving to supply innovative products. We live up to our name. While we offer highly decorative finishes, we don’t restrict our customers to ordering large volumes,’ says Daniel Hanson co-owner of ISW, situated in Edendale, Johannesburg.

This allows its clients to launch new products to test the marketplace before committing to full production runs.

‘It also enables businesses to start up with lower volumes while putting their products in the marketplace with the same high quality and decorative finishes as those of brand owners with greater budgets,’ adds Gareth Ketley, co-owner of ISW.

Unexpected improvements

The company had its equipment upgraded after a flood destroyed practically everything at its former manufacturing facility. This unfortunate turn of events came with a twist because the company soon flourished as a pioneering short run printer for the FMCG sector. ISW also services selected specialised industries with shrink sleeve, wrap around label, flow wrap and form, fill and seal offerings.
‘Last year was a testing but triumphant time for us. Our team came together like never before, many cancelling family holidays so they could be at work when the new press was commissioned. They continued going above and beyond throughout the year, making it a truly inspiring effort from all staff. We are blessed and proud to have been able to rebuild the business with this exceptional group of people. We extend a special thanks to all our loyal customers, suppliers and partners in the printing industry that came to our aid during this time and still around today,’ Hanson adds.

Upgrades translate into savings

ISW’s new premises and warehouse now sports two MPS EPW560 machines, one an eight colour and the other, a 10-colour UV flexo press. It also comprises a full complement of finishing equipment for the conversion and inspection of shrink sleeves, multi-layer sachets and wraparound labels.

‘We are one of only a handful of narrow web printers capable of producing wide lay flat shrink sleeves, achieving a L/F of 276mm from a printed web width of 575mm,’ Hanson explains.

The eight-colour MPS press has undergone a UV curing system upgrade. The system’s ratings translate into a 40 per cent power saving and increases efficiencies through improved curing. The press has also recently been fitted with an upgraded state of the art inspection system to improve efficiencies by enhanced quality monitoring at higher speeds while reducing spoils and material waste ratios.

The primary objectives of ISW are to reduce the operations carbon footprint, improve quality monitoring and management systems. It is dedicating more time to R&D to bring more innovative offerings to its customers coupled with implementing additional relevant certification systems.