Lead a healthy life sweetly

Introducing Sweetly Chocolate Protein Shake Powder, an innovative deliciously designed nutritional drink perfect for the entire family.

Sweetly Chocolate Protein Shake is a delicious and nutritious high protein drink, enriched with 15 vitamins and minerals. It contains Whey Protein Isolate which provides a complete amino acid profile. Sweetly Chocolate Protein Shake also includes UTZ certified Cocoa Powder for an ultra-rich and authentic chocolate flavour.

Sweetly-Protein-ShakeHealthy and delicious

Sweetly Chocolate Protein Shake offers you 22g of protein when mixed with 250 ml of milk, is a healthy source of fibre and is low in fat. It is also Kosher and Halaal certified.

Sweetly Sugar Substitute is used to replace the high quantities of regular sugar often found in other protein shakes, to deliver a deliciously sweet, yet extremely healthy product. Boost your family’s daily nutrition by giving them a delicious and convenient chocolate protein shake, perfect for adult’s on-the-go and loved by children.

Sweetly Chocolate Protein Shake Powder can be enjoyed as a pre or post work out drink, as a between- meal snack, at your desk at the office or is ideal to add to your kid’s lunchbox.

About Sweetly

Sweetly is an exciting and innovative, brand new South African food range, focused on sugarless health and wellness. It has been developed by NOMU and launched in December 2018. Sweetly is a fresh and truly delicious alternative to traditional sugar that literally tastes, looks and feels just like sugar. But more than that, Sweetly is all about Deliciously Designed Nutrition.

Sweetly is the brainchild of Tracy Foulkes and was developed in response to growing global worries and the now widely accepted physical drawbacks with traditional sugar. On top of delivering convincing sugary flavour to South African consumers along with a host of other amazing health benefits, Sweetly also discards all the usual drawbacks with other plant-based sugar alternatives in the past.