The simplest solution is the best

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best solution. This is clearly the case with the radically disruptive Rapidojet technology. ROI is shorter than for any other piece of equipment while product quality rises in all respects.

Ken Schwenger of Bakery Concepts manufacturers of Rapidojet

The key to Rapidojet is that, instead of a metal mixing tool, it holds the patent on the use of high pressure liquid addition to drys. Its patent pending Mixing Chamber replaces the normal mixing bowl and can be cleaned in a dish washer. For bakery applications, with one single machine, this allows Rapidojet to instantly hydrate or mix almost any dry ingredient from a solid, 65 per cent flour and water Biga to a 115 per cent Liquid Sponge to 225 per cent hydrated Bran to 400 per cent hydrated Vital Wheat Gluten and potato flakes – and much more with only about 1.5 Kw Hr. / ton of output. A normal mixer has a hydration range of only about 30 per cent and consumes about 15 Kw Hr. / ton of output. Due to the lack of a mixing tool, Rapidojet’s range is about 5 000 per cent in baker’s math.

In the case of VWG, this extremely hydroscopic ingredient requires 400 per cent hydration level to be fully functional. Thus, when pre-hydrated via Rapidojet, the usage rate for this expensive ingredient is now reduced by 20 per cent. Traditionally, when added to a normal mixer as a dry powder, it is never fully hydrated or functional.

You no longer need to soak Bran for three hours and find places to store it around the bakery to achieve only 80 per cent hydration. The result of instant hydration at 225 per cent via Rapidojet is higher dough yield, longer shelf life, higher loaf volume, reduced mix time in your legacy mixer and better final product consistency. Whole grain blends are cleaned of exterior DON and fully hydrated in 10 minutes instead of the normal four hours of soaking. Flour millers find that the normal eight-26 hour tempering time is reduced to three hours or less while the time required for Sprouting is radically reduced.

Rapidojet is being operated as a Continuous Mixer for Masa for tortilla chips as well as potato flake hydration / mixing. The machines are installed above the Masa Hog or Depositor so that the normal mixer and mixing bowls have been eliminated. Think of the product consistency, worker and product safety, sanitation and energy usage benefits.

When all Ingredient Flour is pre-hydrated via Rapidojet for dough with about eight per cent more water, and your Minors are added at the legacy mixing bowl, mix time is reduced by 85 per cent. This is because Rapidojet instantly develops gluten structure. See our video where we catch dough in our hand at the bottom of our Mixing Chamber and immediately pull a window. Rapidojet is used as a Continuous Mixer for Gluten Free products, too.

A traditional mixer normally takes 12-15 minutes to develop gluten structure. A tremendous amount of heat via friction is generated. Thus, glycol and ice are required. Ice kills mixers. Rapidojet achieves the goal of gluten development in a fraction of a second without the need for cooling. Because a much stronger and more homogeneous bond is instantly created by Rapidojet’s high pressure, about eight per cent more water must be used in order to attain the same level of machinability, dough feel, extensibility and rheology. Here’s your rapid ROI along with slower starch retrogradation – longer shelf life is now delivered. We’ve found that our ability to substantially reduce normal dough “tail out” is one of our greatest benefits. This will be huge for the full range of applications. It’s become clear that this “tail out” is not primarily caused by oxidation. But rather, large doughs “tail out” because, when using a metal mixing tool, the normal surface tension barrier is impossible to immediately penetrate. It takes about 30 minutes for full hydration to occur. Rapidojet’s patented use of high pressure liquid addition to drys, however, instantly defeats this resistance. It eliminates almost all “free water” instantly.