Try South Africa’s first cannabis beer

South Africans love beer; from local to the international, to craft brews. But a new type of lager is about to change the local beer landscape entirely. This is the country’s first beer made with cannabis.

Pick your poison

Brewed by Durban’s Poison City Brewing, a proudly local enterprise that is quickly making its mark on the national beer stage, Durban Poison Cannabis Lager is billed as an exceptionally easy drinking beer, lighter in alcohol, yet fuller in taste.

Durban Poison is sure to appeal to the young and trendy, those restless pioneers and early adopters who love to question everything and try anything.

And, while it’s not exactly going to get you high, it will certainly provide a refreshing lift. The lager contains no THC (the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that delivers the ‘high’), but is brewed with hemp oil that creates the distinctive and refreshing flavour.

‘Hops and cannabis are very closely related and share many similar chemical characteristics, which means that hemp is an interesting and viable ingredient for beer-making,’ explains Graeme Bird, co-owner and founder of Poison City Brewing.

‘Most light beers sacrifice character and taste and can be quite ‘watery’, but the hemp seeds allows us to deliver a beer that is uniquely fuller on the tongue while still being light and refreshing.’

Global trend alert

Graeme (and his partner and co-owner Andre Schubert) pride themselves on creating a South African first. ‘Cannabis Beers are becoming a massive worldwide trend. We’re setting a precedent for other South African breweries by being the first to experiment with this ingredient here.’

It is this pioneering and rebellious surfer spirit that embodies Poison City Brewing and which they hope will resonate with their consumers.

‘We live in a world right now that is re-examining everything’ says Graeme, ‘Just look how perceptions around cannabis have changed remarkably in the last ten years. We want to be on that forefront of that change. We want South African’s to re-think their drink.’

Durban Poison Cannabis Lager launched in September 2018, and is available exclusively to select stores and venues nationwide.