WATCH: Cheers to the heroes who get us home safely

Ahead of the festive season, Bavaria celebrates taxi driver Saul Makhodo, who has been driving countless passengers safely to their destinations for more than 10 years. While every day comes with responsibility for a taxi driver, the festive season brings more celebration, and their jobs to get us to point B become even more important.

Saul Makhodo Bavaria cheers to
Bavaria celebrates taxi driver Saul Makhodo who has been getting passengers home safely for more than 10 years
Saul Makhodo and family Bavaria everyday heroes
Saul Makhodo with his wife and daughters


Everyday heroes

They steer us to safety. They keep their eyes on the road. They sacrifice time with their families so that they can get ours home safely. Taxi drivers are our everyday heroes. This month, as part of its ‘Cheers to’ campaign, they’re being saluted by Bavaria, South Africa’s leading 0.0 per cent non-alcoholic malt beverage.

Bavaria’s ‘Cheers to’ campaign pays tribute to the everyday heroes of South Africa, and highlights these people’s dedication and sacrifice, whether it’s for their jobs, passion or wellbeing.

Cheers to

To say cheers to Makhodo, Bavaria arranged a memorable night for him, giving him a break from the wheel, and allowing him to spend some special time with his family. Saul was treated to an incredible rooftop dinner with his two daughters, and was surprised by the visit of his wife from Venda, whom he hadn’t seen in several weeks due to being constantly on the road, against the backdrop of a beautiful Johannesburg night sky.

Bavaria supports not only safe driving, but safe celebration, and encourages everyone to have fun and party sensibly and responsibly – this festive season and beyond.

The campaign highlights Bavaria as the perfect party drink for when you’re driving, as well as the brand’s respect for and thanks to drivers like Makhodo who allow others to drink, and get home without harm.

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