Ella introduces quality cappuccino mélange to the world

A new convenience cappuccino, Ella Cappuccino Mélange, launched in South Africa at the beginning of 2018. A world first, Ella lets consumers carry a great-tasting cappuccino mélange made from pure espresso and milk in their back pocket.

Ella Cappuchino Mélange; Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition

Sporting the tagline Nothing Else Like It, Ella is made from pure espresso and low-fat milk, is free of artificial additives or preservatives and is encased in a 100 per cent recyclable capsule. Each capsule is deliciously simple to use: shake for 20 seconds, break the seal, and pour into a cup before adding boiling water. The resulting blend not only looks like a cappuccino with a frothy crema, it tastes great too.

Ella is the brainchild of Neil Hellmann, an entrepreneur and serial inventor. Hellmann decided to design the solution himself, but the challenge would be sizeable: fuse taste and quality with a lengthy shelf life, qualities that rarely go together.

Today, in Paarl, his team at the custom- built processing plant has devised a special type of plastic to keep the cappuccino mélange preserved for a year-long shelf-life. The team has also developed a unique foaming device which generates the perfect froth when shaking, and, Hellman has enlisted the help of the largest private coffee house in Europe to supply the espresso and perfect the taste. The milk comes just down the road, from farms in Darling. After years of hard work, Hellmann has disproved the innumerable packaging and food industry experts who called Ella a pipe dream as Ella is now available in stores across South Africa as well as online.

‘It’s all about making the consumer’s life as easy as possible,’ Hellmann says.