Combine your love of dried mango and chocolate

Combining its love for dried mango and the availability of this exceptional fruit, M-Pak’s tasty coated dried mango bars & nibs were devised and formulated in our family kitchen. These bars are unique and can be enjoyed as a suitable and tasty alternative to conventional snacks.



These ready-to-eat bars and bitesize nibs consist of dried mango covered in five different coatings. It is ideal for snacking, lunch boxes, hiking and sport nibbles. The yoghurt coating compliments the tanginess of the dried mango and is one of the most popular variants. The carob coating is popular amongst people who are sensitive to stimulants found in conventional chocolate. The milk, white and dark chocolate coatings are preferred by those who want to replace conventional snacks with a convenient and tasty option.

Quality dried mango

M-Pak manufactures superb quality dried mango products. The mango bars & nibs undergoes minimal processing involving dehydration of mango fruit at specified temperatures, slow pulverisation processes and the coating of the moulded product.

Products and ingredients are sourced locally from certified suppliers. These suppliers can provide M-Pak with full traceability records and are compliant with the relevant food safety and regulatory requirements.