Explore new concepts for food at iFood Conference 2019

The aim of iFood Conference 2019 is to jointly work out approaches for the development of efficient value chains in the food production industry, which provide sustainable and attractive products.

Global food production is constantly changing: technological developments and socio-economic changes are constantly shaping and changing economic activities. So-called megatrends are setting new standards for the food industry. Digitalisation, new production concepts, changing consumer needs and current concepts of sustainability are resulting in a great variety of opportunities, especially for everyday consumer goods. Whether production, distribution or marketing – the willingness to recognise changes quickly and to adapt to new developments is necessary for entrepreneurial success.


Sustainability – New concepts for food

Sustainability in its ecological, social and economic dimensions has become the major driver of innovations and is a strong selling point for food products. Issues such as ethics, animal welfare, resource efficiency, food authenticity and consumers’ health shape the public debate about food production and consumptions. Sustainability has become an instrument which is used by different market players and interest groups to position and interpret issues in a new way. At the iFood Conference 2019, the topic of sustainability is approached pragmatically. Our speakers dip into this broad topic from different perspectives. Thereby, they will provide you with expert-insights from economic, scientific and marketing viewpoints.

Digitalism – Blockchain and artificial intelligence

The progressing digitalisation has some major implications for the food chain. On the one hand, it opens new (online) channels of distribution. One the other hand, big data solutions provide companies with a strong mean of analysing markets and to improve own processes in different ways. What opportunities does digitalization offer the food industry in terms of transparency and traceability? Where do we find Artificial Intelligence now and what role will Artificial Intelligence play in the future? During the iFood Conference 2019, experts will talk about the status quo of digitalisation and provide you with the latest insights into economic impacts and opportunities, as well as the exciting topics of Artificial Intelligence and Bockchain.

Innovations – Increase of knowledge transfer

Nutritional habits are subjects in constant change. How can the producers of food products make the right decisions to design their product portfolio and change their manufacturing processes in the confusion of short-lived trends? Can more flexible production platforms such as 3D printing or extrusion improve competitiveness? Is Page decentralisation of production the key to satisfying the consumer’s desire for 2/4 greater individualisation of products? Well-known players and experts will comment on this at the iFood Conference 2019.

New Foods – Trends in the global food system

The changing global food markets place new challenges towards all stakeholders along the food value chain. New food trends are leading to the further growth in the demand for alternatives to animal protein sources. In addition to the high demands in terms of product quality, sustainability, process control and logistics, there is also a great importance: What is reaching the consumers? What trends can we expect in the global food system? And what measures are appropriate to ensure affordable production and distribution costs and at the same time provide the end consumer with high-quality new food? These questions will be answered by speakers at the iFood Conference 2019.