Innovations in heart health and Vitamin C take centre stage

Natural ingredients with proven benefits for cardiovascular wellbeing is a major focus for Naturex at Vitafoods Europe 2018. The company highlighted Sweoat Brans, a new oat beta glucan-based solution that delivers a range of EFSA-approved heart health benefits. The company also showcased Naturex’s Aronox® aronia berry extract, shown to improve several biomarkers for cardiovascular health including endothelial function, which is important for better blood circulation. Naturex will also showcase Acerolife, a premium extract highly-standardised in naturally occurring vitamin C sourced from the acerola cherry.

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Beta glucans for good heart health

Following its acquisition of Swedish Oat Fiber last year, Naturex has developed Sweoat™, a high-quality source of beta glucans with benefits for heart health and beyond. This powerful ingredient has European approval to carry health claims for cholesterol reduction (Article 14.1) and maintenance of cholesterol levels (Article 13.1). In addition, it is authorised to carry claims for glycaemic response and gut health (both Article 13.1). Sweoat™ offers fibre and protein content and contains all of the essential amino acids, as well as healthy antioxidants. Just one 11g scoop of Sweoat™ contains the same amount of beta glucans as 750ml of oat drink and three bowls of oat cereals – and significantly fewer calories.

Sweoat™ is suitable for use in a wide range of food and beverage applications and in conjunction with probiotics.

Improved circulation with aronia extract

Aronox®, an extract of aronia delivers cardiovascular benefits supported by several published peer-reviewed clinical trials, including improvements to circulation. The latest clinical study (soon to be published), conducted with 55 healthy men aged 18-45, demonstrated that Aronox® significantly improves endothelial function just two hours post consumption, compared with a placebo, and after three months continued use (Rodrigues-Mateos, et al). Meta-analyses have shown that improving endothelial function by one per cent leads to an eight to 12 per cent reduction in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

New premium source of natural Vitamin C

Acerolife is a highly standardised source of natural Vitamin C (up to 34 per cent) derived from acerola cherries grown in Brazil. It is processed carefully to preserve the fruit’s naturally high Vitamin C content. The resulting ingredient, Acerolife, is so rich in vitamin C that a lower dose is required to achieve 100 per cent of recommended daily intake. It is ideal for dietary supplements and functional food and beverage products and is sourced via an acerola supply chain that is compliant with Naturex’s Pathfinder sustainability program.