New brutal fruit spritzer celebrates the power of women

The new Brutal Fruit Spritzers have been positioned as the ideal drink for strong women.

Women have oft been told that there isn’t enough room at the top for all of them. The truth is there simply hasn’t been any space made for them but today is a different day. Women been pitted against each other: divide and conquer. That’s ending today.


Toast with a glass of new Brutal Fruit Spritzer

Brutal Fruit enthuses: ‘They told us that one woman’s gain was our loss. We know better now. Our sisters’ shouldn’t be our competition. From now on, let’s be each other’s champions.

‘Let’s celebrate with new Brutal Fruit Spritzer, it’s here for our special moments, our milestones, our successes.’

Open the door

The idea of the ‘token’ woman in any professional space is dying. There is room for all women and by supporting each other, more females can get there. Though women in South Africa only make up 10 per cent of CEOs, every woman who works her way to the top opens the door for more women. Brutal Fruit reiterates that women must widen the road for each other, not block the way.

‘No one makes it alone. We all need people to lean on in tough times, people to cheer for us when we succeed. Where would we be without our girlfriends to inspire, motivate, comfort, and enjoy our successes with?’

Lift each other up so all women can move higher. Get together with your girlfriends. Check in with each other. Take time out to be together. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work, together.

Indulge and celebrate yourself and each other with a cold glass of Brutal Fruit Spritzer.

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