Pixie Dust beer highlights the plight of the Cape Honey Bee

The inspiration behind Darling Brew’s new Pixie Dust is the Cape Honey Bee. While not officially listed as endangered, the Cape Honey Bee is being threatened by habitat destruction and the misuse of insecticides.

Pixie-Dust-Darling-BrewThe essential role of bees

There is currently a global spotlight on the essential role bees play in pollination and food production.  With as much as 75 per cent of crop plants worldwide depending on cross-pollination, the threat to bees and their fellow pollinators raises serious concerns for worldwide food security as well as the economic implications should commercial crops come to depend on artificial pollination. If the number of bees continues to decline, plant population and diversity will be affected and the threat will extend up the food chain to birds and mammals, as well as to humans who rely on the fruits and berries of insect-pollinated plants for 40 per cent of all food and beverages we consume.

As with most Darling Brew beers, the origin of Pixie Dust has a personal connection to the people behind the award-winning brewery. The idea of crafting a beer named ‘Pixie Dust’ came to Darling Brew co-founder, Kevin Wood, while watching the Tinkerbell movies with his daughters for the umpteenth time.

Craft beer revolution

Darling Brew Pixie Dust is a Golden Weiss with a citrusy hop. Weissbier is classic wheat ale with a long history reaching back centuries to Bohemia in the Czech Republic and Bavaria where it still reigns as the most popular beer style. With the craft beer revolution and a renewed focus on specialty beers, weissbier is now brewed around the world, including Darling on the Cape West Coast.

Pixie Dust Golden Weiss upholds this beer style with a yeasty smooth mouthfeel and mild bitterness, hinting at fruity and spicy flavours while remaining very slightly sweet. Aromas are a balance of clove and banana, as is expected of a weissbier, with the addition of candy floss and refreshing citrusy hops.

Golden in colour with a cloudy, tight foam, Darling Brew’s Pixie Dust is the perfect thirst-quencher for the warm summer months ahead.

It is available on tap and in store at select outlets.