Protein-powered yoghurt with added energy for active lifestyles

South Africa got its first taste of Danone’s new protein-powered yoghurt last week at the launch of DanPro in Johannesburg.

The new DanPro yoghurt and drinking yoghurt range from Danone is packed with 10g-20g of high-quality protein per serving, contains no artificial sweeteners, is available in low or medium fat and is thick and creamy. DanPro enters the market as a protein snack designed to fuel active lifestyles and passions, providing the right balance of energy.


Fitness influencers

Taking part in the launch event were several influential sports people and online fitness and nutrition influencers including this year’s Comrades Ladies winner Gerda Steyn, who made history as the first female to complete the up-run in under six hours.

Other participants who spoke at the event included ProCyclist and research scientist Mike Posthumus, fitness athlete Nomvula Khuzwayo, crossfit athlete Alan Foulis and healthy foodie influencer Sisanda Simoyi. They each discussed how they use protein to stay fueled, despite having quite different routines and lifestyles.

Springbok and Bulls Rugby player, and DanPro partner, Jesse Kriel, who was unable to attend the event, said he enjoyed the DanPro flavours and loved the idea of a yoghurt with a protein punch, ‘For lifestyles like mine, protein is always a factor. As rugby players, we need to maintain our muscle, and we need the endurance and nutrition for recovery. Protein provides this. Now, it’s great to have a tasty protein option that is so readily available without any preparation.’

The event saw guests put through their paces with a series of challenges that allowed them to experience first-hand how DanPro keeps the body fueled for any and all passions!

‘For athletes like myself, the value of protein cannot be underestimated, particularly for recovery, but also for energy and sustenance. To have ‘on-the-go protein options that fill you up quickly is important when you are racing but also for a busy lifestyle,’ said Nomvula.

The importance of protein

Sports Dietitian Nicki DeVilliers, who’s a consultant to Lions Rugby, Orlando Pirates and the Comrades Marathon Association, also spoke of the importance of protein for endurance, energy and recovery, and not just for athletes: ‘Protein helps repair and build body tissues and coordinates bodily functions. It assists to maintain a proper fluid balance in the body and keep your immune system strong. Protein also transports and stores nutrients and can act as an energy source, if needed. These functions make protein one of the most important nutrients for your health.’

DanPro is available in a variety of delicious flavours and convenient formats – including Strawberry, Banana and Vanilla in the drinkable format, and Peach & Mango, Blueberry, Vanilla, Strawberry and Plain in the spoonable format.