SAPA says AMIE study is ‘questionable’

The South African Poultry Association is aware the Association of Meat Importers and Exporters have released the results of a study into the SA chicken industry, claiming that a hasty decision about tariffs will have all sorts of dire consequences.


Nothing new

AMIE’s decision to commission a study now, when the decision on the tariff is pending, is questionable, considering that the process has run over almost a year during which time they had all the time to make submissions along with all other stakeholders, including SANCU, FAWU, Ebiesa and others; not only SAPA.

There is nothing new in this ‘so-called’ study; the minister and ITAC have all that information already and would have been using the information supplied by every relevant stakeholder, including AMIE, to reach a decision on the tariff.

Unfair trade

It must be remembered that tariffs are a mechanism put into place by the WTO against unfair trade, and it is then up to the Department of Trade and Industry to determine the level of unfair trade. The fact that the SA poultry industry is experiencing unfair trade and suffering a negative impact is therefore not in dispute any longer – that has been established and all that remains is for the correct tariff to be decided on by ITAC, and ratified by Minister Patel.

This is hardly a ‘hasty’ decision.

One gets the feeling that AMIE is trying to influence the minister’s decision, instead of trusting the process.