SIAL Innovation awards as inspirational as ever!

With a 10 per cent rise in the number of new products presented for the SIAL Innovation Awards, there is no stemming the flow of agri-food innovations, whether targeting manufacturers, retailers or consumers.


Worldwide, the agri-food industry is striving to adapt to the appetites of a new generation hankering for fresher, healthier food, by developing new products and new ingredients that will soon be making their way to the store shelves and the dining table.

SIAL 2018 marks the big comeback of tastes that are new and powerful, to bring new pleasure experiences to consumers, but above all: natural taste. True, authentic products playing the transparency card that reassure consumers who are increasingly conscious of food risk. These are innovations that carry meaning: for yourself, for others, for the planet! With 2 355 entries for the Awards, this 2018 edition testifies once again to the vitality and boldness of the companies concerned.