Strawberry Lips encourages you to be authentic with Women’s Month

Participate. Share. Reflect. Those are the intentions you need to bring with you to fully immerse yourself in one of the most anticipated events this August. This Women’s Month, Strawberry Lips have teamed up with Firecracker Events & Marketing to launch the inaugural Illumi.Nation conference, taking place on 29 August 2019.

Women for women

Conceptualised by women for women, Illumi.Nation is designed to be an interactive experience, collectively exploring ways of breaking down barriers and creating new ways of being. The ultimate outcome? To feel inspired and motivated to be the best you can be, irrelevant of your journey – provided the destination is #authentic.

‘It was always about the power of authenticity,’ says Firecracker spokesperson, Claire Alexander. ‘We wanted a concept that was fresh and developed in a manner that resonated with today’s society and sentiments. And when it comes to the young professional women that are shaping today’s landscape, we wanted to partner with a brand that was already invested in this market. Strawberry Lips was the obvious choice.’

Supporting women

Proudly South African, Strawberry Lips is famously known for its gold tequila laced with strawberry cream liqueur; and in many circles, is also known for encouraging and supporting a culture of strong, empowered and successful South African women.

‘We feel it’s important for us as a brand to play a role in contributing to the shaping of future South Africa,’ says Strawberry Lips marketing manager Vanessa Nel. ‘To partner with a platform such as Illumi.Nation gives us the opportunity to inspire, connect and motivate all women in South Africa to step into their unique power.’

Led by captains of industry from various sectors, Illumi.Nation will guide you through an evening of conversations, debates and networking. ‘The structure of the event has definitely taken all personality types into consideration,’ continues Alexander. ‘Besides being inspiring and insightful, we want this experience to be all inclusive so everyone who attends ends off Women’s Month spirited and geared up for the next part of their journey.’