There’s a rusk for that!

Woolworths’ range of rusks is so varied and delicious that there’s literally a rusk for every occasion.

Donut-rusks-woolworthsHomestyle Rusks

These rusks are exclusively baked for Woolworths by people from the community in the heart of the Boland, using locally sourced stoneground flour, buttermilk and free range eggs.  After baking, the rusks are broken by hand, slowly dried and hand packed.

Woolworths has also launched two pack Bran & Buttermilk variants for snacking on the move, ideal for dunking in a hot beverage.

Luxury Rusks

These are also exclusively baked by the Boland community. After baking, the doughnut rusks are slowly dried, lightly sprinkled in cinnamon and sugar and hand packed.

Flavour variants

  • Honey & Oat Rusks
  • Buttermilk Rusks
  • Bran Rusks
  • Digestive Bran
  • Almond Rusks

The homestyle and luxury rusk ranges are available from Woolworths at a recommended selling price of R49.99.