Unexpected flavour fusion will up the snacking stakes in SA

Two of SA’s favourite brands are coming together to make snacking even better.

Pringles in partnership with one of the country’s leading seasoning brands, Aromat have announced their seemingly unlikely collaboration. The collaboration will see two of South Africa’s leading brands within the food industry working together to develop a unique flavour fusion.

Pringles and Aromat Chicken Salt Flavour

The Pringles and Aromat “Chicken Salt Flavour” is a new crunchy creation for South African consumers

Chicken salt

The Pringles and Aromat   “Chicken Salt Flavour” is a new crunchy creation that has taken South Africa’s love for potato chips, chicken and Aromat, to come up with a yummy, moreish fusion of flavours.

As a well-known South African household staple, Aromat has been delivering unbelievable taste with its range of seasonings for over sixty years. Says Vuyo Henda, marketing manager at Aromat: ‘Both Aromat and Pringles are iconic South African brands and are well-loved. Together we were inspired to create a new and exciting flavour that would appeal to a wide range of South African consumers.’

Pringles has redesigned ordinary snacking occasions by igniting unexpected moments of fun with its iconic can and chip shape, always creating new taste experiences to excite and delight our fans. This new creation in collaboration with Aromat will be no different. Says Nikki Tan, brand manager at Pringles: ‘Pringles is known for pushing the limits of flavour innovation and has been delivering epic flavour mash-ups by partnering with iconic brands globally. It is for this reason that we are excited to be partnering with a brand that is iconic within the South African market. We hope to surprise our consumers by bringing their two favourite brands together to create a flavour fusion that’s innovative and delicious.’

Start of something new

When asked if more collaborative efforts from these two brands should be expected in the future, Henda says: ‘Absolutely! The “Chicken Salt Flavour” is just a start of what could potentially be a long-term collaboration of new and exciting flavour innovations for both snacks and seasoning categories.’

Through this new flavour innovation, Pringles strives to push the limits and surprise their consumers’ taste buds. The Pringles and Aromat Chicken Salt flavour is available in stores nationwide now!

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