Winning beef the Japanese way

As the first and oldest Wagyu beef producer in Africa, Woodview Wagyu is passionate about the breed and has many years of experience when it comes to breeding superior genetics and excellent Wagyu blood lines.

The company takes extra special care rearing its Wagyu cattle in a pristine environment with abundant clean air where they are fed only natural ingredients – the Japanese way. Thanks to this special care cattle produce mouth-watering, award-winning beef.


Sparta Angus Biltong

A Japanese treasure

Wagyu cattle have been bred for hundreds of years and are regarded as a national treasure in Japan. In fact, for many years only the Emperor, his family and his Samurai could eat Wagyu beef.

Woodview Wagyu classes

Blue label (top-of-the-range) has a marbling score* of 8 to 9+. It has high amounts of fine web-like intramuscular fat, so much so that the meat actually appears quite white.

Gold label has a marbling score* of 6 to 7, which has a fairly high amount of fine intramuscular fat, translating into that melt-in-the-mouth buttery Wagyu texture.

Silver label has a marbling score* of 3 to 5 with a fair amount of intramuscular fat. It is the perfect introduction for someone trying Wagyu beef for the first time.

*AUS meat marbling chart.