World’s largest food trade fair returns in October

The stage opens again for Anuga in Cologne from 5 to 9 October 2019. With 7 405 exhibitors and around 165 000 trade visitors from the trade and out-of-home market, it is the leading industry meeting point for the international food industry and it is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.



Since its inception in Stuttgart in 1919, Anuga has considerably contributed towards the reinforcement and development of the international food and beverage industry and towards the export thereof. With a 90 per cent share of foreign exhibitors and 74 per cent share of foreign visitors, Anuga is the central and leading international hub especially for export-oriented companies as well as a trendsetter and source of inspiration for the global food industry. With the impressive “10 trade shows under one roof” concept, which was presented on a global level for the first time at Anuga, besides diversity and internationality the trade fair also offers the top buyers from all over the world a more well-arranged structure and thus clear orientation. Each of the individual trade shows is unique in itself and in some cases also the leaders of their segment. Hence, Anuga offers a targeted selection of specialised and trend themes for all needs and every target market. This is what turns the world’s leading trade fair for food and beverages into the most important buying and network platform for all nationally and internationally significant food wholesalers and retailers as well as for bulk consumers from the out-of-home and food service sectors. All of the trade shows have an excellent alignment from Anuga Fine Food, to Anuga Meat, through to Anuga Drinks, Anuga Hot Beverages and Anuga Organic.

Boulevard of inspiration

The new Boulevard of Inspiration is the first point of contact for visitors, who are interested in the innovative, new products of the exhibitors, in the latest market and consumer trends for the coming year and future development scenarios and future themes of the food and beverage industry. The aim is to enable the trade visitors a local and thematic bundling of the events, the Anuga taste Innovation Show, the Anuga Trend Zone as well as the new future exhibition Anuga Horizon 2050.

The current new products and industry trends are presented in the “Anuga Trend Zone” and at the “Anuga taste Innovation Show”. The Anuga Trend Zone is the key lecture stage where a team of experts from Innova Market Insights and Euromonitor will present the latest and illuminating analyses on the developments in the food and beverage industry. For many of the visitors to the trade fair, the large stage on the North Boulevard of Anuga, where they can inform themselves about the trends and market developments, is a fixed port of call.

Taste innovation

The most important new products of Anuga are presented in the “Anuga taste Innovation Show” special event. An expert jury comprising of journalists and market researchers will select the industry’s top innovations from among all of the exhibitors’ new products. During the trade fair, the results will be presented in the scope of the respective special event on the North Boulevard in front of Hall 7. Furthermore, the visitors will be given a brief overview of the top 10 trade fair innovations here.

But not only the current trends are presented at Anuga. A strong focus will also be placed on the future of food at the anniversary edition. Surveys show that in a few years over 10 billion people will be living on earth. The key question is how can all of these people be fed? Our world of food is thus faced with the largest transformation of all times and many companies are already occupying themselves with alternative solutions for the industry.

Anuga is picking up on this and is for the first time offering a platform called Anuga Horizon 2050 that exclusively addresses the future of food. The trade visitors can inform themselves about the visions and new solutions for the next 50 years on all days of the trade fair and also engage in an active exchange with industry pioneers, experts and start-ups. The aim is furthermore to inform the visitors about new technologies, solutions, trends and innovations and underpin these using cases of best practice. Here it is all about issues regarding how new technologies are changing the food industry, how disruptive innovations are implemented and what is necessary in order to guarantee sustainable transparency and safety within the food chain. These and further questions within the following five thematic blocks will be answered  in the course of panel discussions, start-up pitches, keynotes and best practices. The focus lies on:

  • Sustainable Environment – Better Food for a Better World
  • Startup-Day – New Solutions, New Products
  • Alternative Proteins – New Sources to Feed 10 Billion
  • New Nutrition – The Evolution of Food
  • Internet of Food

An insight into the history of Anuga additionally reveals the most important milestones in the trade fair’s 100-year history. The special mix between the past, trends, inspirations, new impulses and professionally oriented future themes is what turns Anuga into an important innovation driver and trendsetter.

100 years of Anuga

In 2019, Anuga celebrates its 100th anniversary – a remarkable sign of its long-term support of the industry. The first Anuga took place in Stuttgart in 1919 with the participation of around 200 German firms. Based on the concept of an annual touring exhibition, further events of the General Food and Luxury Exhibition were staged, among others in Munich in 1920, in Berlin in 1922 and in Cologne in 1924. With around 360 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors, the first Anuga in Cologne was the best event since its inception, which is why the organisers opted for Cologne as the permanent location. In 1951, for the first time over 1 200 exhibitors from 34 countries took part, whereby Anuga ultimately established itself as the central international business platform for the food industry in Cologne scheduled every two years. Over the course of time, due to the staging of leading trade fairs such as ISM and Anuga FoodTec, the trade fair advanced from being a food and processing platform into becoming a trade fair purely for food and beverages. In 2003, the Anuga “10 trade shows under one roof” concept was implemented. Today, with around 7 400 exhibitors and over 165 000 trade visitors from the trade and out-of-home market, Anuga has developed into the leading global trade fair for food and beverages.